"Live in your light." In this outdoor summer program, participants will have the opportunity to attend 5 sessions focused on local opportunities that boost our mental health and create positive impact towards overall wellness. Examples of sessions include, Nature Hiking, Canoeing, Yoga, and Outdoor Visual Arts. Participants will gain knowledge and awareness towards positive coping strategies, community resources and local opportunities towards maintaining positive mental health and wellness.

Program Launch July 2017!


All Sunlight Sessions will take place outdoors in various Ottawa locations. Session Times: 2:00pm-4:00pm. Pick up and drop-off will be 29 Van Lang Private for each Session. 

Saturday July 9th: Adventure Hiking

Saturday July 22nd: Outdoor Acro

Saturday August 5th: Yoga & Meditation

Saturday August 19th: Visual Arts

Saturday August 26th: Zip Lining