Girls S.W.A.G Program

S.W.A.G, which stands for social wellness among girls, is a program created and designed to enhance levels of self-esteem, wellness, compassion, resiliency, and support. In this 8 week program girls are taken on a journey of self-discovery and self-reflection. This engaging youth program is offered to girls ages 12-16. No referral is required. Note: This program is often wait listed due to our high registration numbers. 

Our community

"The best part about coming to the S.W.A.G Program is that I feel like its home. We're all able to be a part of something and I think that's really special"

-Madison, 2014


Reflective Mirrors

"The most impactful session for me was definately our 'Self-Esteem Week' when we used the reflective mirrors. I felt that I was able to really see myself for the first time."

-Faith, 2015

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dream catchers

"My favourite session was during 'Mental Health Week' when we created our thought dream catchers. I have it in my room whenever I need a pick-me-up"

-Charlotte 2016